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A little sneak peek on what Lulu Waters is working on.


Holden Van wants nothing more than to take down his rival Jett Hastings. And he’s going to do so using Jett’s girlfriend. He’s going to have fun along the way, torturing Everlee in the most delicious ways he can think of.

Everlee Vera is a lower-class girl living in the world of the rich and powerful, her boyfriend Jett being one of them. But she wants out. Even if that means giving her virginity to the devil from Reaper Academy.

Jett Hastings is oblivious to everything but his football career, and the fancy college scholarship attached to it. Until he sees his girlfriend with his rival. He doesn’t like seeing his girl with the likes of Holden Van. Even if Everlee made it clear they were over.

Crazy actions and explosive emotions await you between the valley of Fairfax and the mountains of Reaper. When it’s all over, which side are you choosing?

Before Your Eyes

Mina has been in a relationship with Aaron for so long she doesn’t know anything different. She’s trapped, believing this is all she deserves, when in reality she deserves the world. Treated disrespectfully and constantly belittled, Mina starts to believe she’s exactly what Aaron accuses her of being.

When Aaron gets in trouble with the law, he’s put on house arrest and his parents send his older brother to watch after him. Adrian is on leave from the military and moves in right next door to his little brother and his girlfriend. But when Adrian sees how Aaron treats Mina, it infuriates him, and he makes it his mission to show her what she’s worth.

A beautiful friendship blossoms between the two, but Mina can’t help the passionate feelings she’s growing for her boyfriend’s older brother.

She’s confused, broken, and full of questions. But all she has to do is look before her eyes to find what she’s always been looking for—her knight in broken armor.


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